Restructuring existing economic clusters to increase inclusion and generate greater economic value.

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Fortify Africa, headquartered in Gauteng, South Africa, is a private company that specializes in development and implementation of innovative + relevant + scalable business models which address specific industry needs through the supply of products, solutions and services.



Our strategic intent is to create value for shareholders, stakeholders and specifically local communities alike through harnessing the potential of the 4th Industrial Revolution within selected regionally-clustered opportunities.

Projects & Solutions

A Wi-Fi e-Voucher vending platform and solution that offers affordable, high-quality internet connectivity that small businesses can sell to customers that frequent their premises.

Marketto.Africa is a multi-marketplace platform for African Wholesalers, Retailers and Consumers.
It gives you a window to see the best The Innovation Hub’s start-ups have to offer.

A new-age African township encyclopedia that provides points of interest in township and rural areas with a digital presence & makes them discoverable using a mobile number.

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